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Laneige Essence Cake Foundation SPF26 PA++

Laneige Essence Cake Foundation SPF26 PA++

Laneige Essence Cake Foundation SPF26 PA++

 Laneige Essence Cake Foundation 

A cake-type foundation that helps you do an elaborate makeup, for it attaches to the skin extremely well even though it's very thin. It provides amazing covering capabilities like a skin cover and has the characteristic of light and natural finish like a powder. 
It also helps your skin breathe because it isn't heavy and has good permeability. 
It delivers a thin and smooth texture because it's finished moistly and it also protects ultraviolet rays(UV-A,B) with SPF 26, PA++. 


The skin-type of the person writing this review

In her mid-twenties, has a dry skin that lacks oil and usually has small pimples. 
A skin that is a bit yellow. Uses no.21 for the foundation. 


I bought the solid-type foundation
because I though it would cover the pores that cannot be covered by primers
when I use it together with the solid-foundation. 

Also, liquid-type or cream-type products are not very convenient for correcting your makeups. 
I really liked this product because solid-type foundations are portable and also because it allows you to correct your makeups very easily. 

Even though foreign solid-type foundations are more famous, 
I didn't want to buy them because they are extremely expensive. 
I am on boycotting the foreign cosmetics by myself.  LOL

There are three different color and I chose the no.21 natural beige. 


They used this unique hologram case for the design. 
It's really pretty because it reflects the light. 
The case fits right in your hand and it's nice and thick. 
I like thick products like this, but those people who like thin products may not like this. 



The case doesn't open in 180 degrees. 
I am quite satisfied with this because I don't usually have to open it to the fullest. 


It has a plastic cover. 
It prevents the contact of the puff and the foundation because it's fixed to the product. 


This is the inside. 
The color in the photograph is very similar to the actual color. 
The foundation is a bit yellow. (I think it's because of its covering capabilities)
The color looks a bit dark at a glance, but it matches with the skin color when you actually apply it. It's not that bright or anything, but it matches very well with the skin tone. 

In such perspective, I think it's quite similar to the Bene** Gorgeous. 
I haven't used it yet, but I've heard people say that Gorgeous also looks sort of dark at a glance, but the color matches very well when you actually apply it on the skin. 

My skin becomes glossy and finishes very well without having to apply a foundation 
when I apply Laneige's foundation. Perhaps it's because I have a dry skin. 


This is the puff that comes along with the product.
The puff is very soft and the quality is very good. 


It has a good grip because it's very soft. 


The puff is a bit thick. 
But it doesn't take that much foundation. 
It sticks on the face very well because it's not too thick or too thin. 

This is the enlarged photograph of the puff. 
I think it's made of latex. It lots of holes in it. LOL

The quality of the puff is really good, but I don't recommend that you use the puff to apply this product because the level of adhesion goes down and it seems to cover the pores less effectively. I am using my hands to apply the product. 
The level of adhesion goes up and I can cover the pores more effective when I apply with my hands. 


The foundation comes off very well like a cream-type product when you wipe it off with your finger. It's really amazing how it makes my skin matt when I apply it on my face. 


I'll test the covering capabilities!
I am going to cover the dot on the back of my hand with the foundation. 


Doesn't it cover pretty well?
I didn't know how well it covered the blemishes because I've only expected it to cover the pores, but it covered the blemishes really well. (I am surprised!)

The test on my face. You should prepare yourself. 


The photograph seems a bit dark. 
This is my bare face because I wanted to compare the product more accurately. 
Look at the pores on my cheek....


After applying the foundation after applying the primer. 
I can see that it has calmed down the uneven areas and the pores. 
This photographs is also bit dark, but doesn't my skin look brighter in this one?
The uneven areas are the small pimples. 

After correcting my makeup after five hours from applying the foundation. 
The biggest disadvantage of this foundation is that it comes off the skin while correcting your makeup if it does not match with the skin balance. 
Can you see how the foundation stuck in between the wrinkles and how it came off from the skin? When this happens, I spray the mist like crazy, tap it with my fingers and reapply the moisturizer. 

It's really annoying because the reason why I bought this product is to do the correction more easily. 

Also, it sort of makes your skin dark. 
The darkening effects show a difference depending on the conditions of the skin.
Your skin becomes quite dark in the evening when your condition really bad. 
I gently give a touch with the brush to calm it down In those days. 

It seems like Laneige's foundation are especially having such darkening effects on me. 

Let me summarize it. 

1. Advantages
A great volume of 12g and it's cheaper than most of the foundations. 
It's very easy to carry round and easy to correct your makeup. 
The quality of the puff is outstanding. 
The quality of the mirror is outstanding. (You can see the blemishes on your face very clearly. Is this a disadvantage?)
It didn't create pimples as long as I controlled the skin balance. 

2. Disadvantage
The foundation gets stuck in between the wrinkles and it comes off the skin a bit when you have a bad condition. 
The skin doesn't take the foundation very well when you are correcting your makeup and it comes off the skin. 
The areas where you have pimples will definitely come off. 
It has more darkening effects compared to other products. 
The quality of the puff that comes along with the product is very good, but I don't use it because it's better to use my fingers because the level of adhesion isn't very good. 

I think it's a foundation that has lots of advantages and disadvantages. 
Would I buy this product again? I would have have to make that decision after using this product  a bit longer. I actually want to use a different foundation that has less darkening effects. 

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